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Summary of changes:

Contest Deadline: December 31, 2013 • Late Deadline: January 13, 2014*

Details: Categories, rules, and entry form are contained in the Contest Brochure, which can be downloaded from the NOMMA website. Or, call the NOMMA office and we can fax or mail you a copy (888-515-8585, ext. 101).

Rule Changes: None

What's New:



Clarifications: During their annual review meeting in April, the Top Job Committee clarified two points:

1) Definition of a Door: "A door divides an exterior and interior space and/or is designed for temperature control."


This definition helps to clarify doors/gates that open into courtyards or wine cellar gate/doors.

2) Anonymity Rule: Jobs previously appearing in print or online in a NOMMA publication or web side are ineligible for the competition.


For the past decade there has been confusion about rule #13, which requires anonymity. The rule was originally intended to prevent entrants from discussing their work in the gallery area, but questions have repeatedly come up about the scope of this rule. The statement above provides clarity. 

Questions: Visit the Top Job support area on the web ( or send an email to:


Top Job Chair: Justin Pigott, Emerald Ironworks

* Late fee required.


Winners will have the option to purchase certificate plaques for other individuals connected with the job, including owners, architects, contractors, partners, employees, and/or subcontractors. A sample will appear at the Top Job Gallery voting booth. Estimated cost will be $60 - $70 each.  

Voting Tips


Give yourself enough time to analyze "all" entries, review photos and read the descriptive cards, as these can give you a better picture of what you're looking at. Analyze all four areas: design, fabrication, installation and finish.

  • Look for complexity and difficulty involved.
  • Look for originality.
  • Look for craftsmanship throughout all four areas.
  • Read the category descriptions and judge accordingly.
  • Ask if you have a question. This organization is founded on sharing knowledge. Remember not one of us got where we are today alone.
  • Use this competition as a learning tool and an idea pool.

For those of you who are entering, make sure your photos are well lit and in focus with good detail evident. Keep your narrative concise, in simple terms, and accurate so you don't lose your judges.



  • Vote a Top Job award to a photographer. Don't be swayed by a pretty picture, vote for the metalwork not the photo or the beautiful estate it's in.
  • Simply "pick a number out of the hat." Think about your vote.
  • Don't be swayed simply by the size of a job. Remember that a 10-foot rail can be more incredible than a 5 story stair.


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